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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)

Oct 25, 2010

This is a quick response episode!  We’ll say the word or phrase in English and you say it in Lithuanian – Out Loud!  Ready, set, go!  Pasiruošti, dėmesio, marš!


yes or no

taip arba ne


England or Lithuania

Anglija arba Lietuva


either us or your friends

arba mes arba tavo draugai


a film or a book

filmas arba knyga


good or bad

geras arba blogas


black or white

juodas arba baltas


big or small

didelis arba mažas


pretty or ugly

gražus arba bjaurus


hot or cold

karštas arba šaltas


young or old

jaunas arba senas


satiated or hungry

sotus arba alkanas


straight or crooked

tiesus arba kreivas


is this coffee or tea?

ar tai yra kava ar arbata?


is that cake or pie?

ar tai tortas ar pyragas?


is this salt or sugar?

ar tai druska ar cukrus?


is that milk or cream?

ar tai pienas ar grietinėlė?


is that a pen or a pencil?

ar tai rašiklis ar pieštukas?


war or peace

karas arba taika


white wine or red wine?

balto vyno ar raudono vyno?