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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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Jan 22, 2012

LL0269 – Gerti To Drink


Hi there, I’m Jack and I’m Gintarė and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.


According to Radio Vilnius: News and Current Affairs an Easter tradition in Lithuania centers around a swing.  The swings are large enough for more than one person.  Men would swing standing together.  Women would swing sitting and whichever women would swing the highest would be named the best housekeepers.


today we’ll work on the verb gerti


Gerti is a transitive verb so it requires the accusative case or galininkas.  Of course, when we negate a transitive verb, such as negerti, we use kilmininkas or the genitive case. 


In Lithuanian aš geriu kavą means I drink coffee or I’m drinking coffee. 


here are the verbs gerti and negerti conjugated in the present tense.


to drink



I drink

aš geriu


you drink (tu)

tu geri


he drinks

jis geria


she drinks

ji geria


you drink (formal)

jūs geriate


we drink

mes geriame


they drink (m/m m/f)

jie geria


they drink (ff)

jos geria


to not drink



I don’t drink

aš negeriu


you don’t drink

tu negeri


he doesn’t drink

jis negeria


she doesn’t drink

ji negeria


you don’t drink (formal)

jūs negeriate


we don’t drink

mes negeriame


they don’t drink (m/m or m/f)

jie negeria


they don’t drink (females only)

jos negeria


now let’s use these conjugations in some examples.




he wants to drink beer

jis nori gerti alų


I cannot drink coffee

negaliu gerti kavos


do you like to drink vodka?

ar tau patinka gerti degtinę?


I really like to drink vodka

aš labai mėgstu gerti degintę


to drink or not to drink, what do you think?

gerti ar negerti, ką tu manai?


why not drink?

kodėl negerti?


why not drink something?

kodėl negeriate ko nors?



I always drink coffee at work

visada geriu kavą darbe


morning without coffee is very hard

rytas be kavos labai sunkus


I drink only tea

geriu tik arbatą


I’m not drinking beer

aš negeriu alaus


I don’t drink coffee, it’s not tasty

negeriu kavos, neskanu


I don’t drink champagne

aš negeriu šampano


I don’t drink coffee

kavos negeriu


I don’t drink a lot of coffee

negeriu daug kavos


I don’t drink beer, I drink vodka

aš negeriu alaus, aš geriu dėgtinę







are you drinking wine?

ar tu geri vyną?


are you drinking tea?

ar geri arbatą?


do you drink green tea?

ar geri žalią arbatą?


do you drink black tea?

ar geri juodą arbatą?


do you drink only black coffee?

ar tu geri tik juodą kavą?


you drink only wine, right?

tu geri tik vyną, ar ne?


true, I drink only wine

tiesa, geriu aš tik vyną


why are you not drinking wine?

kodėl tu negeri vyno?


we know you don't drink often

mes žinome, kad tu negeri dažnai





a bottle



he’s drinking milk

jis geria pieną


he’s drinking from the bottle

jis geria iš butelio


he’s drinking white wine

jis geria baltą vyną


he drinks only beer – me too

jis geria tik alų – aš irgi


he’s not drinking milk

jis negeria pieno





Juozas doesn’t drink like before 

Juozas negeria kaip anksčiau


he doesn’t drink carbonated water

jis negeria gazuoto vandens


she is drinking water

ji geria vandenį


Jolanta is drinking green tea

Jolanta geria žalią arbatą


what is she drinking?  

ką ji geria?


my wife drinks too much

mano žmona geria per daug








Edita doesn't eat chips and doesn't drink carbonated drinks

Edita nevalgo traškučių ir negeria gazuotų gėrimų


she doesn't drink, doesn't smoke and is a very good girl

ji negeria, nerūko ir yra labai gera mergaitė


Jolanta doesn’t drink black tea

Jolanta negeria juodos arbatos


jūs (singular)


why aren’t you drinking?

kodėl negeriate?


why don’t you drink coffee in the morning?

kodėl negeriate kavos ryte?


which tea do you drink?

kokią arbatą jūs geriate?


do you not drink too much?

ar jūs geriate ne per daug?


what happens when you drink?

kas vyksta, kai jūs geriate?


how often do you drink mineral water?

kaip dažnai jūs geriate mineralinį vandenį?


is it true that you don’t drink tea?

ar tiesa, kad negeriate arbatos?


is it true that you don’t drink beer?

ar tiesa, kad negeriate alaus?


is it true that you don’t drink wine?

ar tiesa, kad negeriate vyno?


if you don't drink beer, I also will not drink

jei jūs negeriate alaus, aš taip pat negersiu


jūs (plural)


what are you all drinking?

ką jūs geriate?


the tap      



do you all drink water from the tap?

ar jūs geriate vandenį iš čiaupo?


you all don't drink enough water

jūs negeriate pakankamai vandens


why don't you drink? Drink more!

Kodėl jūs negeriate? Gerkite daugiau!







we’re drinking alcohol

mes geriame alkoholį


we’re drinking milk

mes geriame pieną


we drink strong, black coffee without sugar

geriame stiprią, juodą kavą be cukraus


we’re not drinking alcohol

mes negeriame alkoholio


we don’t drink a lot of alcohol

mes negeriame daug alkoholio


thanks, but we don’t drink wine

ačiū, bet mes negeriame vyno


they’re drinking apple juice

jie geria obuolių sultis


they’re drinking orange juice

jie geria apelsinų sultis


they’re drinking grape juice

jie geria vynuogių sultis


they’re not drinking apple juice

jie negeria obuolių sulčių


they’re not drinking orange juice

jie negeria apelsinų sulčių


they’re not drinking grape juice

jie negeria vynuogių sulčių




carbonated water

gazuotas vanduo


what are they drinking?

ką jos geria?


they drink carbonated water

jos geria gazuotą vandenį


they are drinking coffee

jos geria kavą


they drink cold, black coffee with ice

jos geria šaltą juodą kavą su ledais


they don’t drink carbonated water

jos negeria gazuoto vandens


they don’t drink coffee

jos negeria kavos


they don’t drink cold coffee

jos negeria šaltos kavos


and now, some examples using the imperatives


drink more water!

gerk daugiau vandens!


drink more beer!        

gerkite daugiau alaus!


let's drink vodka!      

gerkime dėgtinę!


don't drink from the fountain! 

negerk iš fontano!


a cup          



a glass



don't drink from the glass or the cup!

negerk iš stiklinės ar puodelio!





don't drink poison!

negerk nuodų!


let's don't drink anything!

nieko negerkime!