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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)

Sep 15, 2007

Are you familiar with the Lithuanian version of Wikipedia?  It's called Vikipedija.  You should take a look.  Even if you're a novice learner of Lithuanian you'll find it interesting.  Take a look at the photos and descriptions.  Vikipedija's address is listed below.  Enjoy!

In today's lesson we learn some new greetings.

health! (to a female)

health! (to a male)

Kas naujo?             
what's new?



health! (to a group)

health! (to a female group)

health! (diminutive - between girls only)

Check out the Lithuanian version of Wikipedia.  Here's the homepage address:

email Raminta and Jack at:

Thanks to:, ditto ditto, and Vieux Farka Touré for allowing us to use the music for this podcast.