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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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Mar 24, 2008

Somebody’s knockin’ on the door, somebody’s ringin’ the bell.
Okay!  Vietininkas?
Gerai, hi there!  I’m Jack and I’m Raminta and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where the lessons are free and you’ve got a money back guarantee.
Do you remember the word for the month of March in Lithuanian? …kovas.

According to the Wikipedia page entitled, Vilnius Cathedral or Vilniaus Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo arkikatedra bazilika, Vilnius Cathedral is located at the heart of the old town of Vilnius.  Perkūnas, the Lithuanian Thundergod was most likely worshipped at the site where the Cathedral now stands.  In 1251 when King Mindaugas allowed himself to be baptized into the Catholic Church, he ordered the original cathedral to be built.  After his assassination in 1268 it was again a place of worship for the traditional Lithuanian religion.  Over the centuries the Cathedral has seen many fires, renovations, wars, and massive public demonstrations.  It’s one of the must sees on any Vilnius vacation.

Šaunu!  You’re doing great dear, I love the way you do Lithuanian Out Loud.
Oh, thank you.


Today we’ll begin working on how to say where something is located.  Here’s just a quick review of the word kur, prašom pakartoti…

where is the restroom?                
kur yra tualetas?

of course, in Lithuanian we can often drop the verb būti, to be.

where is the restroom?                
kur tualetas?

where is the restaurant?               
kur restoranas?

where is Raminta?                      
kur Raminta?

where is the glass?                      
kur taurė?

where is the coffee shop?            
kur kavinė?

here are some words we’ll use in this episode…

a tree                                        

a train                                       

the basement                             

a young woman                         

Kaip Raminta, ne? (like Raminta, no?)
Oh, I’m getting older. 
No, to me forever you will be the girl I met at my sister’s house.
Oh, so sweet of you.
I was really young then.  Huh?
You are really young now!
Oh, thank you, you know I’m starting to feel old, what is that?
Forget that.
Yeah, oh well.  Forget that.

a bicycle                                    

Today we’ll go over the locative case or vietininkas.  This is a relatively easy declension.  Every declension here ends in the letter –e.  A prefix is something that is added to the beginning of a word.  A suffix is something added to the end of a word.  Here are the suffixes in vietininkas,
prašom pakartoti, please repeat…

a word that ends in
-as changes to –e
-is changes to –yje
-ys changes to –yje
-us changes to –uje
-a changes to –oje
-ė changes to –ėje

again, we’re only talking about where something is located.  We’re not talking about going to someplace.  The restaurant is in the city, is the locative.  I’m going to the restaurant, is not the locative.  I’m in the restaurant, is the locative.  The locative declension or vietininkas is only used when talking about where something is located.

let’s go over each suffix from the above list so you can see how it works…

the park                                     

in the park                                 

the bookstore                             

in the bookstore                          

the hotel                                    

in the hotel                                

the automobile                           

in the automobile                       

the train                                     

in the train                                

the room                                   

in the room                               

the museum                              

in the museum                          


in Sidney                                   

the cathedral                             

in the cathedral                          

the coffee shop                         

in the coffee shop                       

the city square                           

in the city square                        

Okay, now let’s ask a question and then answer it.  Good luck!  Sekmės!

where is the tree?                      
kur yra medis?

the tree is in the city                  
medis yra mieste

the tree is in Kaunas                  
medis yra Kaune

of course, we can easily drop the verb būti, to be.

where is the tree?                         
kur medis?

the tree is in the park                     
medis parke

where is Raminta?                        
kur Raminta?

Raminta is in the park                   
Raminta parke

Raminta is in Akropolis                 
Raminta Akropolyje

the store is in Akropolis                 
parduotuvė Akropolyje

Raminta is in the hotel                   
Raminta viešbutyje

the coffee shop is in the hotel        
kavinė viešbutyje

Raminta is in the automobile          
Raminta automobilyje

the dog is in the automobile           
šuo automobilyje

where is the toilet?                         
kur tualetas?

the toilet is in the room                  
tualetas kambaryje

the book is in the room                  
knyga kambaryje

the toilet is in the train                    
tualetas traukinyje

the Englishwoman is in the train      
anglė traukinyje

the newspaper is in the basement    
laikraštis rūsyje

the bird is in the basement              
paukštis rūsyje

where is the bookstore?                 
kur knygynas?

the bookstore is in the museum       
knygynas muziejuje

the constitution is in the museum     
konstitucija muziejuje

the bookstore is in Vilnius              
knygynas Vilniuje

the museum is in Vilnius                
muziejus Vilniuje

the bookstore is in Sidney              
knygynas Sidnėjuje

the cathedral is in Sidney               
katedra Sidnėjuje

where is the young woman?          
kur mergina?

the young woman is in the school  
mergina mokykloje

the bicycle is in the school             
dviratis mokykloje

the pigeon is in the park                
balandis parke

the young woman is in the library  
mergina bibliotekoje

the bicycle is in the library            
dviratis bibliotekoje

a young woman is in the cathedral 
mergina katedroje

Raminta is in the cathedral            
Raminta katedroje

where is Raminta?                        
kur Raminta?

Raminta is in the street                 
Raminta gatvėje

the bicycle is in the street              
dviratis gatvėje

Raminta is in the coffee shop          
Raminta kavinėje

the newspaper is in the coffee shop  
laikraštis kavinėje

the newspaper is in the lounge         
laikraštis svetainėje

the young woman is in the lounge    
mergina svetainėje

the dog is in Cathedral Square        
šuo Katedros aikštėje

Raminta is in Vilnius University      
Raminta Vilniaus Universitete

Thank you dear, you know, I think maybe it’s enough your brain is probably getting tired.  Maybe you should go to bed.

Oh, a little bit, I need to wash with my hands some clothes.
Thank you very much for doing the recordings dear.  You’re super.  You are the best podcaster I know.
Oh, thank you.  That’s kind of funny, I am a podcaster

Alright!  That’s it for today!  Thanks for the download!

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I’m Jack and I’ve never met a Lithuanian I didn’t like.  Viso gero!  Sudie!
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