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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)


Feb 5, 2010

Hi there, I’m Jack and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.  Here’s a quick note before we get to today’s episode continuing the instrumental case,


Dave MacLeod from has created something to help him memorize Lithuanian declensions.  He creates English sentences and replaces select words with Lithuanian words.  You can take a look at his work and let him know what you think.  I’ll post his link on the Lithuanian Out Loud webpage.


A listener named Viktorija left a post on our blogpage on an earlier episode concerning the use of labukas.  Viktorija wants us to know, "labukas" is a quite intimate, soft and even flirting way of saying hi. So, a girl can say "labukas" to another girl or a guy she knows well, and a guy can say "labukas" to a girl. But if a guy says "labukas" to another guy, it sounds odd and effeminate.  Viktorija says, she’s from Vilnius and she uses "labukas" with her friends.


Today we’ll continue where we left off with the instrumental case.  Alright, let’s get started with today’s program, enjoy!  Let’s go over some examples using feminine singular nouns…


tyliai. tyliai

tyliai? tyliai

tyliai? in silence, tyliai

oh, tyliai, tyliai

keep quiet

that’s cute, tyliai, tyliai



a teacher                                                                               



a saleswoman                                                                       



a waitress                                                                              



a female doctor                                                                    



a crosswalk                                                                           

pėsčiųjų perėja


a car                                                                                        



a ball                                                                                     



the ball rolled under the car                                              

kamuolys pasirito po mašina


Justinas walks via the crossing                                         

Justinas eina pėsčiųjų perėja


she’s working as a waitress                                                

ji dirba padavėja


she works as a doctor in Madrid                                      

ji dirba gydytoja Madride


Justas travels by car                                                          

Justas keliauja mašina


Eglė became a saleswoman                                               

Eglė tapo pardavėja


Birutė became a teacher                                                    

Birutė tapo mokytoja



a chair                                                                                   



a spider                                                                                 



a wedding                                                                             



a tent                                                                                      



a female builder                                                                   



a female commentator                                                        



a female composer                                                               



a female lawyer                                                                    



a female pilot                                                                       



Violeta works as a builder                                                

Violeta dirba statybininke


Aistė works as a commentator                                         

Aistė dirba komentatore


Audronė became a lawyer                                                

Audronė tapo advokate


Adelė works as a pilot                                                       

Adelė dirba lakūne


Valentina became a composer                                          

Valentina tapo kompozitore


a spider is under the chair                                                

voras yra po kėde


the wedding was under a big tent                                    

vestuvės buvo po didele palapine


here are some sentence fragments using some feminine nouns that end in –s.


duck – antis changes to antimi


to bake                                                                                   









stone, stony                                                                          



the duckling is under the duck                                        

ančiukas yra po antimi


the duckling became a duck                                            

ančiukas tapo antimi


one can bake apples with a duck                                     

obuolius galima kepti kartu su antimi


Antinas is talking with the duck                                     

Antinas kalba su antimi


stove or furnace - krosnis changes to krosnimi


hearth / fireplace                                                                



to connect                                                                            



a cockroach                                                                          



a little house / a hut                                                            



a big kitchen with a stove                                                 

didelė virtuvė su krosnimi


a house is heated with a furnace                                      

namas šildomas krosnimi


a building with a furnace                                                  

pastatas su krosnimi


a stone house with a stove                                                

mūrinis namas su krosnimi


a cockroach is under the furnace!                                    

tarakonas po krosnimi!


fire - ugnis changes to ugnimi


to play                                                                                   






to cook                                                                                  



to experiment                                                                       



don’t play with fire!                                                            

nežaisk su ugnimi!


the children are playing with fire                                     

vaikai žaidžia su ugnimi


a dragon is spitting fire                                                      

drakonas spjaudo ugnimi


they are experimenting with fire                                     

jie eksperimentuoja su ugnimi


rain – lietus changes to lietumi





wind with rain                                                                      

vėjas su lietumi


lightning with rain                                                             

perkūnija su lietumi 


hail with rain                                                                                         

kruša su lietumi


the snow became rain                                                         

sniegas virto lietumi


woman – moteris changes to moterimi


the girl became a woman                                                  

mergina tapo moterimi


he came with a woman                                                      

jis atėjo su moterimi


Ričardas lives with a woman                                            

Ričardas gyvena su moterimi


I work with a woman                                                           

aš dirbu su moterimi


a nose – nosis changes to nosimi



rudas / ruda


a badger                                                                                



a hyena                                                                                 




juodas / juoda


iron, made of iron                                                                



a hyena with a brown nose                                                

hiena ruda nosimi


a black iron bird with a white nose                                  

juodas geležinis paukštis balta nosimi


a badger with a long nose                                                  

barsukas su ilga nosimi


(-uo) sesuo (seseria or seserimi)





to sing                                                                              



in the evening                                                                 



to go, to take place                                                         



to find oneself, to get, to come                                     



to walk about, to stroll about                                        



to marry                                                                             



how did she come with sister to the city?                   

kaip ji su seseria atsidūrė mieste?


how did she come with sister to the city?                   

kaip ji su seserimi atsidūrė mieste?


she lived in Vilnius with her sister                                

ji gyveno Vilniuje su savo seseria


she lived in Vilnius with her sister                                

ji gyveno Vilniuje su savo seserimi


Audronė lives with her sister                                        

Audronė gyvena su savo seserimi


Audronė lives with her sister                                        

Audronė gyvena su savo seseria


Birutė with her sister Aistė live in Kaunas                  

Birutė su jos seserimi Aiste gyvena Kaune


Birutė with her sister Aistė live in Kaunas                  

Birutė su jos seseria Aiste gyvena Kaune


he always walked about with his sister                        

jis visur vaikštinėjo su savo seseria


he always walked about with his sister                        

jis visur vaikštinėjo su savo seserimi


Vytas married with Romas’ sister Eglė                         

Vytas susituokė su Romo seserimi Eglė


Vytas married with Romas’ sister Eglė                         

Vytas susituokė su Romo seseria Eglė


I work with sister                                                             

dirbu su seseria


I work with sister                                                             

dirbu su seserimi


Valdas sings with sister                                                  

Valdas dainuoja su seseria


Valdas sings with sister                                                  

Valdas dainuoja su seserimi


(-ė) duktė (dukteria or dukterimi)


a horse groomer                                                                    



at home lives the horse groomer with his daughter      

namelyje gyvena arklininkas su dukteria


at home lives the horse groomer with his daughter      

namelyje gyvena arklininkas su dukterimi


Rožė together with her daughter are going to the city 

Rožė kartu su dukteria važiuoja į miestą


Rožė together with her daughter are going to the city 

Rožė kartu su dukterimi važiuoja į miestą


they came from Italy with their daughter                        

jie atvyko iš Italijos su savo dukteria


they came from Italy with their daughter                        

jie atvyko iš Italijos su savo dukterimi