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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)


Apr 26, 2010

Turiu Pakankamai I Have Enough 

Hi there, I’m Jack and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.


On today’s intermediate episode we have a conversation between Raminta, Eglė and myself.  I ask them to discuss different phrases without a script.  They have no idea what I‘m going to ask them before I ask it.  Enjoy the conversation.




What I want here is, are you sure?  Ar tu tikra?  Ar tu tikra?  Ar tu tikra.

ar tu tikra kad nori važiuoti į Disneilendą?  (Disneilendas = Disneyland)

taip, aš tikra!




ar tu tikra kad tu nori vairuoti į Kalifornią?

(are you sure you want to drive to California?)

taip, aš esu tikra

(yes, I am sure)

kodėl?  it’s labai toli…(laughter – Raminta accidently mixes English and Lithuanian)

aš atsiprašau…

(I’m sorry)

it’s labai toli (labai toli – very distant)

sorry, see what happens when you are in America

kodėl?…tai labai ilgas kelias…

(why?...that’s a very long drive/road…)

no, no, no, that’s okay, I want just one or two sentences

(everyone talking at once, the girls are surprised Jack doesn’t want a long conversation)

we can talk…forever!  blah, blah, blah…yeah, okay, okay…

ar tu tikra kad valgysi šias braškės?

(are you sure that you will eat these strawberries?)

taip, aš tikra nes aš labai mėgstu

(yes, I am sure because I really want to)


okay, now, when you say goodnight to somebody you can say, saldžių sapnų (sweet dreams)

saldžių sapnų, taip, yes, but, I think you have…like a little…thing you would say to children?

laba naktukas, would say, grandma to me…

nice, but…labanakt, labanakt


saldžių sapnų, ramių blusų, kad nekąstų kūno jūsų!

no, that’s difficult!

no way!

no, what does this mean?

like, uh, saldžių sapnų, sweet dreams, and quiet bugs that it would not bite your body.

right, we have the exact same thing, we say, goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

yes, oh, the same, saldžių sapnų, yeah my mommy, saldžių sapnų, ramių blusų, kad nekąstų kūno jūsų!

the same, the same, wow, cool, cool


I’m doing a lot of laundry to avoid that

thank you, that’s cool, okay

so, you guys had a discussion the other day, pour it out

so, you said, do you want this?

and so, you said to Eglė, do you want this?  Eglė said, no, pour it out


so please have this conversation

ar tu gersi šią kavą? 

(will you drink this coffee?)

ne, negersiu, prašau, išpilk

(no, I won‘t drink it, please, pour it out)


bet kaip skiriasi kalba kai kalbi natūraliai ir kai kalbi gramatiškai

(but how differs a language when you talk naturally and when you speak gramatically)

čia yra the same way we learn in English, tin din din din,

o kai kalbi yra visai kitaip

(and when you speak it is completely different)

okay, if I say pilk lauk to somebody in Vilnius – they would understand?

pilk lauk!

(pour it outside!)


(pour it out!)


pilk lauk

go, pour it outside

pour it outside



pilk lauk

pour it outside

išpilk, you say good


pilk lauk, it‘s...this...

pilk lauk is more like in the country, like really

išpilk would be proper Lithuanian

okay, išpilk

pilk lauk...

pilk lauk, but...

for example, pour it out, like I said, “do you want this tea?“ no, pour it out išpilk,

right, and when I say, “do you want this tea?“ no, pour it outside


would you say that? 

maybe in the country

pilk lauk

lauk – laukas, laukas, yes, uh-huh, got it

(laukas = outdoors)

tricky, tricky


iš and pilk, pilk from

pilti, pilti, pilti – to pour

ar gali man įpilti?

could you pour me...?

or, gali išpilti, could you pour it out?

nice, now I understand


okay, Egle, I like this, “tuk, tuk, čia aš“

tuk, tuk, Raminta, čia aš

(knock, knock, Raminta, it‘s me)

(used when knocking on someone‘s bedroom door)

Egle, užeik į mano į jaukų namą

(Egle, come into my cozy house)

okay, good, could you do it again not using names?

tuk, tuk, čia aš

užeik, atidaryta!

(come in, open!)

nice, nice, really good, yes,

come on, open

like my father would say, (knocking),


(come in!)




(“no, you can‘t“) 



you know, you hear, like me saying, “tuk, tuk, Raminta, can I come in?“

but I don‘t know if anybody say like that, do you say...tuk, tuk?

polite people do, and it‘s kind of cute to know


ah, is there another way to do it?


you know, just, I say...yes...

ar yra kas namuose?

(is anybody at home?)

what was this?


I say, “tuk, tuk, tuk“

anybody at home?

yeah, anybody at home?

that he hears me better, you know, tuk tuk!


okay, now, have a short conversation using, man sukasi galva

man sukasi galva, man gera, man gera, aš noriu važiuoti į Disneilendą

(my head is spinning, I feel good, I feel good, I want to travel to Disneyland)

važiuokime drauge!

(let‘s go together)

važuokime drauge, mums sukasi galvos

(let’s go together, our heads are spinning)

like my head is spinng around, like, it might be because of various reasons…

yeah, because of some reasons

because you are in love, because you are excited, because you are sick, because you are nauseous, because you’re happy, because you’re sad

man sukasi galva, a lot of reasons, because my head is spinning

too many directions

what to choose, I can’t decide

so, actually, you want an example, when we would use...?

something very short

sukasi galva

Aš įsimylėjau, man sukasi galva

I fell in love, my head is spinning

yes, the best example

okay, so, you could ask, how did it go on your date last night?

kaip sekėsi pasimatymas vakar?

(how was your date yesterday?)

labai gerai, man sukasi galva, kokia aš esu laiminga

(very well, my head is spinning, I‘m so happy)



ai, čia rimtai gerai

(this is really good)

bet čia tiko

(but this fits)

čia labiausia

(this fits the best...yeah)

okay, so make up a short conversation, one or two sentences...

I have enough

ar nori sausainių?

(do you want some cookies?)

ne, aš turiu pakankamai

(no, I have enough)

ar nori daugiau arbatos?

(do you want more tea?)

ne, aš išgėriau pakankamai

(no, I drank enough)

aš išgėriau pakankamai

mmm, again?

ar nori arbatos?

(do you want some tea?)

ne, aš išgėriau pakankamai

(no, I drank enough)


Now let‘s do a quick review of the highlights here and we‘ll include some variations on colloquial expressions you can use for saying goodnight.


are you sure? (to a female)

ar tu tikra? 


are you sure? (to a male)          

ar tu tikras?


I‘m sure (female)                        

aš tikra 


I‘m sure (male)                        

aš tikras


to pour                                       



to empty                                    



pour it out!                               



knock, knock, it‘s me            

tuk, tuk, čia aš


it‘s locked!                                



come in!                                      



my head is spinning               

man sukasi galva


a date                                          






colloquial way to say, yes      



I have enough                           

aš turiu pakankamai


I drank enough                         

aš išgėriau pakankamai


sweet dreams, calm bugs

that they would not bite you saldžių sapnų, ramių blusų, kad nekąstų kūno jūsų!


now, if you don‘t feel like saying this entire phrase you can just abbreviate it like this...


saldžių sapnų, ramių blusų


or, like this...


saldžių sapnų ir ramių blusų


or, like this...


labos nakties, saldžių sapnų, ramių blusų


or for fun you can just say,


dream about me!                      sapnuok mane!


šaunu, you made it to the end of another episode, puiku!