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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)


Aug 26, 2010

This is a quick response episode!  We’ll say the word or phrase in English and you say it in Lithuanian – Out Loud!  It’s too late for questions, the exam starts now.  Ready, set, go!  Pasiruošti, dėmesio, marš!


your doctor has a question        

jūsų gydytojas turi klausimą


whose doctor?    

kieno gydytojas?


your doctor    

jūsų gydytojas


we like your song (to a group)    

mums patinka jūsų daina


whose song?    

kieno daina?


your song          

jūsų daina


your bus is leaving (to a group)    

jūsų autobusas išvažiuoja


whose bus?    

kieno autobusas?


your bus    

jūsų autobusas


their daughter speaks Lithuanian (m/f m/m)  

jų duktė kalba lietuviškai


whose daughter?          

kieno duktė?


their daughter    

jų duktė


their teacher is American    

jų mokytoja yra amerikietė


whose teacher?                  

kieno mokyotoja?


their teacher    

jų mokytoja


their mother doesn’t understand Dutch

jų motina nesupranta olandiškai


whose mother?          

kieno motina?


their mother    

jų motina


their flat has three bathrooms    

jų butas turi tris tualetus


whose flat?                

kieno butas?


their flat          

jų butas


I’m in Vilnius    

aš esu Vilniuje


Vilnius is in Lithuania    

Vilnius yra Lietuvoje


Berlin is in Germany    

Berlynas yra Vokietoje


Tokyo is in Japan    

Tokijas yra Japonijoje


Delhi is in India          

Delis yra Indijoje


a park    



a bookstore    



a bar          



an auto    



a town    



a pastry          



a basket          



a train    



a market          



a museum          



a convoy          



a television    



a fruit    



a stone    



a bowl