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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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Oct 6, 2010

LL0250 – Valentina Neturi Sesers Valentina Does Not Have A Sister

Hi there, I’m Jack and I’m Gintarė and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.  


According to the BBC News article, “Lithuanian Ban on Soviet Symbols,” it is now against the law to display flags, emblems, badges or insignia with the swastika or hammer and sickle.  The laws in Lithuania are more strict than recently passed laws in Estonia and Russia is unhappy with these laws.  According to Russia, the Baltic States were liberated by the Soviets from the Nazis in World War II.  Russia objects to equating the hammer and sickle with the swastika.  


Lithuanian ban on Soviet symbols


Today let’s pick up with the accusative singular and plural and the genitive singular and plural.  This is mostly a practice episode with some new vocabulary.  We'll leave a space after the English so you can attempt to say it in Lithuanian before it's translated.  Good luck!  Sėkmės! 



a present



grandma has a gift

močiutė turi dovaną


grandma has gifts

močiutė turi dovanas


grandma doesn’t have a gift

močiutė neturi dovanos


grandma doesn’t have gifts

močiutė neturi dovanų



a painting



Rasa has a painting

Rasa turi paveikslą


Rasa doesn’t have a painting

Rasa neturi paveikslo


Rasa doesn’t have paintings

Rasa neturi paveikslų



a lemon



Aušra has a lemon

Aušra turi cintriną


Aušra has two lemons

Aušra turi dvi cintrinas


Aušra doesn’t have a lemon

Aušra neturi cintrinos


Aušra doesn’t have lemons

Aušra neturi cintrinų



a button



Gintarė has a button

Gintarė turi sagą


Gintarė has five buttons

Gintarė turi penkias sagas


Gintarė does not have a button

Gintarė neturi sagos


Gintarė doesn’t have buttons

Gintarė neturi sagų



a dress



sister has a dress

sesuo turi suknelę


sister has two dresses

sesuo turi dvi sukneles


sister doesn’t have a dress

sesuo neturi suknelės


sister doesn’t have dresses

sesuo neturi suknelių



a hat



sister has a hat

sesė turi skrybėlę


sister has three hats

sesė turi tris skrybėlės


sister does not have a hat

sesė neturi skrybėlės


sister doesn’t have hats

sesė neturi skrybėlių



an opinion



my nephew has his own opinion

mano sūnėnas turi savo nuomonę


my nephew has two opinions

mano sūnėnas turi dvi nuomones


my nephew does not have an opinion

mano sūnėnas neturi nuomonės


my nephew does not have opinions

mano sūnėnas neturi nuomonių



a bracelet



my niece has a bracelet

mano dukterėčia turi apyrankę


my niece has two bracelets

mano dukterėčia turi dvi apyrankes


my niece does not have a bracelet

mano dukterėčia neturi apyrankės


my niece does not have bracelets

mano dukterėčia neturi apyrankių



a stone



the collector has a stone

kolekcionierius turi akmenį


the collector has two stones

kolekcionierius turi du akmenis


the collector doesn’t have a stone

kolekcionierius neturi akmens


the collector doesn’t have stones

kolekcionierius neturi akmenų



a dog



I have a dog 

aš turiu šunį


I have two dogs

aš turiu du šunis


I don’t have a dog

aš neturiu šuns


I don’t have dogs

aš neturiu šunų



a daughter



Aurimas has a daughter

Aurimas turi dukterį


Aurimas has two daughters

Aurimas turi dvi dukteris


Aurimas doesn’t have a daughter

Aurimas neturi dukters


Aurimas doesn’t have daughters

Aurimas neturi dukterų



a daughter



Giedrius has a daughter

Giedrius turi dukrą


Giedrius has two daughters

Giedrius turi dvi dukras


Giedrius doesn’t have a daughter

Giedrius neturi dukros


Giedrius doesn’t have daughters

Giedrius neturi dukrų



a sister



Kristina has a sister 

Kristina turi seserį


Kristina has two sisters

Kristina turi dvi seseris


Kristina does not have a sister

Kristina neturi sesės


Kristina does not have sisters

Kristina neturi sesių



a sister



Valentina has a sister

Valentina turi sesę


Valentina has sisters

Valentina turi dvi seses


Valentina does not have a sister

Valentina neturi sesers


Valentina does not have sisters

Valentina neturi seserų


a son



Jadvyga has a son

Jadvyga turi sūnų


Jadvyga does not have a son

Jadvyga neturi sūnaus


Jadvyga does not have sons

Jadvyga neturi sūnų


Šaunuoliai!  Great!  You made it to the end of another episode!  Šaunuoliai!