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We are no longer producing new episodes of Lithuanian Out Loud. However, if you would like to donate to show your appreciation of our previous episodes, please donate here. Thank you 🙂

Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

Music: Vieux Farka Toure - Ana {Pocket Remix} by pocketproductions (c) copyright 2007 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial license. Ft: Pocket (Richard Jankovich)


Mar 31, 2008

Ready Freddy?  Ready Freddy!  Hi there, I’m Jack and I’m Raminta and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.

Labas everybody, this is Jenny from Sweden and you’re listening to Lithuanian Out Loud with Jack and Raminta, enjoy!  Thanks, Jenny for sending us the plug and...

Mar 27, 2008

Hi there!  This is Jack and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where my wife Raminta and I offer the world the Lithuanian language.  Before we get started I want to announce that in the future we’re going to do a catch-up episode.  In previous episodes we taught you how to say what country you’re from and we’ve...

Mar 25, 2008

Aštuntas Egzaminas Examination 8

This is a quick response episode!  We’ll say the word or phrase in English and you say it in Lithuanian – Out Loud!  It’s too late for questions, the exam starts now.  Ready, set, go!


Mar 24, 2008

Somebody’s knockin’ on the door, somebody’s ringin’ the bell.
Okay!  Vietininkas?
Gerai, hi there!  I’m Jack and I’m Raminta and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where the lessons are free and you’ve got a money back guarantee.
Do you remember the word for the month of March in...

Mar 20, 2008

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