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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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Jan 13, 2012

LL0260 – Apkepas Pudding


note: In the following episode we have two words for sausage. Gintarė told me dešra is the sausage you might slice up for pizza or chop up for a stew. Dešrelė is more like what Americans would call a hotdog. It’s tubular and you can put one in a hotdog bun in order to eat it.


Hi there, I’m Jack and I’m Gintarė and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.


This episode is part of a series of programs we'll give you focused on food and drink.  This series will be short, fast and to the point.  Enjoy!





I like pudding

man patinka apkepas


I don't like pudding

man nepatinka apkepas


I want pudding 

noriu apkepo


I don't want pudding

nenoriu apkepo





I like jelly 

man patinka želė


I don't like jelly

man nepatinka želė


I want jelly 

noriu želė


I don't want jelly

nenoriu želė





I like sausage 

man patinka dešra


I don't like sausage

man nepatinka dešra


I want sausage 

noriu dešros


I don't want sausage

nenoriu dešros





I like sausage 

man patinka dešrelė


I don't like sausage

man nepatinka dešrelė


I want sausage 

noriu dešrelės


I don't want sausage

nenoriu dešrelės


filling / stuffing



I like filling

man patinka įdaras


I don't like filling

man nepatinka įdaras


I want filling 

noriu įdaro


I don't want filling

nenoriu įdaro


cinnamon buns

bandelės su cinamonu


I like cinnamon buns

man patinka bandelės su cinamonu


I don't like cinnamon buns 

man nepatinka bandelės su cinamonu


I want cinnamon buns 

noriu bandelės su cinamonu


I don't want cinnamon buns

nenoriu bandelės su cinamonu


an apricot         






I like apricots 

man patinka abrikosai


I don't like apricots

man nepatinka abrikosai


I want an apricot 

noriu abrikoso


I don't want an apricot

nenoriu abrikoso





I like rice

man patinka ryžiai


I don't like rice

man nepatinka ryžiai


I want rice 

noriu ryžių


I don't want rice

nenoriu ryžių


tartar sauce

totoriškas padažas


I like tartar sauce

man patinka totoriškas padažas


I don't like tartar sauce

man nepatinka totoriškas padažas


I want tartar sauce 

noriu totoriško padažo


I don't want tartar sauce

nenoriu totoriško padažo


mushroom sauce    

grybų padažas


I like mushroom sauce

man patinka grybų padažas


I don't like mushroom sauce

man nepatinka grybų padažas


I want mushroom sauce 

noriu grybų padažo


I don't want mushroom sauce

nenoriu grybų padažo


soy sauce

sojų padažas


I like soy sauce 

man patinka sojų padažas


I don't like soy sauce 

man nepatinka sojų padažas


I want soy sauce 

noriu sojų padažo


I don't want soy sauce

nenoriu sojų padažo


Šaunuoliai!  Great!  You made it to the end of another episode!  Nuostabu!

Steve Thorson
almost nine years ago

Hello Jack. Glad to see that you're back! God bless you. (As you may note, I have a new email address.)