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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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Sep 14, 2010

Hi there, I’m Gintarė and I’m Jack, and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.


In August of 2010, the chief of the Vilnius Mounted Police was arrested in Belarus after illegal drugs were found in his car.  Chief of Police, Laimonas Bankauskas, claims the drugs were planted by the KGB in order to recruit him as a spy. Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė has asked leaders in Belarus for a prompt and impartial investigation into the case.



KGB Releases Lithuanian Police Officer

today we’ll go over the Lithuanian verb bandyti – to try, to try to do something


bandyti requires the accusative case or galininkas


nebandyti requires the genitive case


here are bandyti and nebandyti conjugated in the present tense


to try 



I try 

aš bandau


you try (tu) 

tu bandai


he tries 

jis bando


she tries 

ji bando


we try 

mes bandome


you try (formal) 

jūs bandote


you all try 

jūs bandote


they try (mm/mf) 

jie bando


they try (ff) 

jos bando


to not try 



I do not try 

aš nebandau


you do not try (tu) 

tu nebandai


he does not try 

jis nebando


she does not try 

ji nebando


we do not try 

mes nebandome


you do not try (formal) 

jūs nebandote


you all do not try 

jūs nebandote


they do not try (mm/mf) 

jie nebando


they do not try (ff) 

jos nebando




of course, it's better to attempt it 

žinoma, geriau tai bandyti


I think it's better to try    

galvoju geriau bandyti


it's better to try something else 

geriau bandyti ką nors kita


it's better not to try! 

geriau nebandyti!


the worst is to not try 

blogiausia – nieko nebandyti


is it better to not attempt? 

ar geriau nebandyti?



lemtingas / lemtinga


it can be fatal, so it's better not to attempt it at all 

tai gali būti lemtingas, todėl geriau nebandyti visiškai


I’m trying 

aš bandau


I’m trying to remember 

aš bandau prisiminti


I’m trying to speak with my father 

aš bandau kalbėti su savo tėvu


I’m trying to speak Lithuanian 

aš bandau kalbėti lietuviškai


always, continually, still 



I'm always trying to understand you 

aš vis bandau tave suprasti


I'm trying to work at home 

bandau dirbti namuose


I'm also trying 

aš taip pat bandau


I'm trying to get thin 

aš bandau plonėti


I'm not trying to thin down, I'm just not hungry 

aš nebandau plonėti, aš tik nealkanas


I'm not trying to hide anything 

aš nebandau ką nors slėpti


I don't try because I'm afraid 

nebandau, nes bijau



are you trying to help? 

ar tu bandai padėti?


are you trying to help me? 

ar tu bandai man padėti?



vertingas / vertinga


are you trying to say that dance music is worthless? 

ar tu bandai pasakyti, kad šokių muzika nevertinga?


are you trying to kill us? 

ar tu bandai mus užmušti? 


to distract             



are you trying to distract me? 

ar tu bandai mane išblaškyti?



he is trying to call Vitalija by telephone 

jis bando paskambinti Vitalijai telefonu


he's trying to sleep           

jis bando miegoti


to win         



he's trying to win a trip 

jis bando laimėti kelionę


to influence          



Andrius is trying to inluence his mother and father       

Andrius bando paveikti motiną ir tėvą


to forget 



Antanas is trying to forget 

Antanas bando užsimiršti


Voldemaras is not trying to do that 

Voldemaras nebando to daryti



she is trying different things, for example, not eating meat 

ji bando įvairius dalykus, pavyzdžiui, nevalgyti mėsos


she is trying to understand 

ji bando suprasti


what is she trying to tell me? 

ką ji bando man pasakyti? 


to create               



Viktorija is trying to create songs   

Viktorija bando kurti dainas


she is not trying to talk with mom 

ji nebando pasikalbėti su mama


Lina is not trying to have children 

Lina nebando turėti vaikų



we are trying to create music 

mes bandome kurti muziką


to find          



happiness, luck, fortune 



little by little 

po truputį


little by little, we're trying to find happiness 

po truputį, mes bandome rasti laimę


to circumvent, bypass, evade 



we're not trying to avoid problems 

mes nebandome apeiti problemų


to change          



the world 



we're not trying to change the world 

mes nebandome pakeisti pasaulio



to carry out, perform, do, execute, effect 



and what are you trying to do?      

ir ką jūs bandote atlikti?


to find, discover, search out  



are you trying to find something? 

ar jūs bandote surasti ką nors?


justice, truth          



you are not trying to understand the truth 

jūs nebandote suprasti teisybės



to steal 



the till, the cash box, the cash register 



they are trying to steal the church cash box 

jie bando pavogti bažnyčios kasą


they try to be together              

jie bando būti kartu


they are trying to find an answer to the question 

jie bando ieškoti atsakymo į klausimą


they are not trying again         

jie nebando dar kartą



rarely, seldom 



to combat, fight, struggle, contend 



an obstacle 



very rarely they try to deal with obstacles 

labai retai jos bando kovoti su kliūtimis


a cave                     



Aldona and Giedrė see a witch in the cave and they try to run away 

Aldona ir Giedrė mato urve ragana ir jos bando pabėgti


it can't be said that they didn't try 

negalima sakyti, kad jos nebando


to observe, follow, watch, see, supervise 



to change                  






the government and the Lithuanian bank are just monitoring the situation, however, they do not attempt to change it 

vyriausybė ir Lietuvos bankas tik stebi situaciją, tačiau jos nebando keisti


here are the imperatives





let's try!      






don't try!      



nebandyk to daryti! (don't try to do that!)


let's not try!   



don't try!   



try to eat!

bandyk valgyti   


try to work!

bandyk dirbti! 


don't try to change me

nebandyk pakeisti manęs 


don't try to come back

nebandyk grįžti 


Šaunu!  You made it to the end of another episode! Fainai! Cool!