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Lithuanian Out Loud is a podcast series designed for fans of the Lithuanian language. Come along with native Lithuanian author/lawyer Raminta and her North-American husband, Jack. They'll teach you Lithuanian along with tidbits about the history and culture of Raminta's homeland - Lietuva!

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May 12, 2008

Hi there, I’m Jack and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.  There are three things that we haven’t been very happy with on our podcasts.  Number one is audio.  Whenever Raminta is on the road we record the episodes using Skype.  It’s a great tool but the quality just isn’t the best.  Just so you know, we’re working on this problem and we think we’ve come up with an answer.  When Raminta is on a trip we’re going to use Skype but I’ll have a Zoom H2 recorder sitting in front of me and Raminta will have an H2 sitting in front of her.  After we’re done recording she’ll send me her audio file, I’ll slap both our files together and we should have some super audio.  It’s exciting to me.

The second thing we haven’t been happy with is variety on the episodes.  We love doing the basics but we’d like to do more intermediate material.  We’ve got some interesting stuff planned and you should start to see more intermediate episodes by the end of May or early June.

The third thing we aren’t happy with is the Lithuanian characters that can be viewed on ipods.  That’s a technical problem that I don’t understand yet.  Hopefully soon, I will understand it.

Well we’re up to 19 positive reviews on our iTunes page.  Our goal is 50.  So, thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to leave us a review.  If you haven’t left us a review yet, we’d love to have one from you.

Also, we have about 50 episodes drawn up and ready to go.  As soon as Raminta gets back from her current trip in Chicago, New York City and Washington DC, we plan to record dozens of episodes.  So, expect to see many more episodes in about three weeks.  Until then, we have about four episodes already recorded so we can continue to bring you at least one episode a week.  These next four episodes will include two episodes with native Lithuanian speaking guest hosts.  We hope you enjoy them.

Hey, this is Cami from Atlanta and you’re listening to Lithuanian Out Loud with Raminta and Jack – enjoy!

Hey Cami!  Thanks for the plug!  You’re super!  We appreciate the time you took to contribute to the show.  Anyone else like to leave us a plug?  We’re listening!

And now, on with the show Raminta and I recorded about four weeks ago using Skype.  Enjoy!


Okay, here we go, are you ready, Baby?  Okay, now I’m not tired, everything is going so good!  Okay, here we go.

Hi there, I’m Raminta.  Oh, no, I’m Raminta.  I’m sorry, I got confused.  Hi there I’m Jack and I’m Raminta – prašom (as in please, go ahead) and welcome back to Lithuanian Out Loud where we offer the world the Lithuanian language.  Today we’re in the month of May which in Lithuanian is gegužė.

According to the Wikipedia page entitled, House of Perkūnas or Perkūno namas, the House of Perkūnas in Kaunas is one of the most original Gothic buildings in Lithuania. It was built by the Hanseatic League in the late 1400s.  The Hanseatic League was an alliance of trading guilds that had a trade monopoly over the Baltic Sea between the 13th and 17th centuries.

Perkūno namas was sold in the 16th century to Jesuits. At the end of the 19th century it was renamed as the "House of Perkūnas" when a figurine that resembled Perkūnas was found in one of its walls. Today, Perkūno namas is a museum.

Aha, have you heard about this house, Dear?  Perkūno – yeah, I heard about that but what a shame I never have been there.  I want you to take me please.  Okay, I will take you and myself.

aš turiu klausimą, aš truputį kalbu lietuviškai, o tu?
I have a question, I speak a little Lithuanian, and you?
aš kalbu lietuviškai gerai, bet žinai ką, aš truputį kalbu angliškai.
I speak Lithuanian well, but you know that I speak a little English.
o rusiškai?
and Russian?
šiek tiek rusiškai, ir šiek tiek rusiškai, taip.
a little Russian, a little Russian, yes.
šiek tiek?
a little?
o mano brolis kalba labai gerai rusiškai.
but my brother speaks Russian well
o tavo brolis, jis kalba angliškai arba truputį angliškai?
and your brother, he speaks English or a little English?
a, ar truputį angliškai ar labai gerai angliškai?
ah, either a little English or very well English?
mano brolis kalba truputį angliškai
my brother speaks a little English
truputį, truputį
a little, a little

mano brolis is calling! 
that’s funny!  Just a sec…

okay, now we can start with pradėkime.
pradėkime, let’s get started
Today we’ll continue with the verbs suprasti – to understand and kalbėti – to speak, but we’ll mix them with some words that mean - a little.  Kaip pasakyti lietuviškai?  How do you say it in Lithuanian?

Ah, labai gerai dear, you said that really, really nice.  Thank you, nicely done.  Nicely done, much more similar to a native speaker.  I know, but dear I haven’t enough practice.

a little                                             

a little                                              

I speak a little                                 
aš truputį kalbu

I speak a little Lithuanian                 
aš truputį kalbu lietuviškai

I speak a little Spanish                     
aš truputį kalbu ispaniškai

I speak a little German                      
aš truputį kalbu vokiškai

I speak a little Italian                        
aš truputį kalbu itališkai

I speak a little Indonesian                 
aš truputį kalbu indoneziškai

I speak a little Chinese                     
aš truputį kalbu kiniškai

he speaks a little Russian                  
jis truputį kalba rusiškai

he speaks a little Polish                    
jis truputį kalba lenkiškai

he speaks a little French                    
jis truputį kalba prancūziškai

he speaks a little Indonesian              
jis truputį kalba indoneziškai

he speaks a little Dutch                     
jis truputį kalba olandiškai

he speaks a little Chinese                   
jis truputį kalba kiniškai

I understand a little Portuguese          
aš truputį suprantu portugališkai

I understand a little Croatian              
aš truputį suprantu kroatiškai

I understand a little Swahili               
aš truputį suprantu svahiliškai

I understand a little Lithuanian           
aš truputį suprantu lietuviškai

I understand a little Chinese              
aš truputį suprantu kiniškai

she understands a little English          
ji truputį supranta angliškai

she understands a little Dutch            
ji truputį supranta olandiškai

she understands a little Japanese        
ji truputį supranta japoniškai

she understands a little German          
ji truputį supranta vokiškai

šiek tiek also means a little

aš suprantu lietuviškai – šiek tiek

a little                                              
šiek tiek

a little                                              
šiek tiek

I understand, a little                         
aš suprantu – šiek tiek

I understand Lithuanian, a little         
aš suprantu lietuviškai – šiek tiek

I speak Lithuanian, a little                
aš kalbu lietuviškai – šiek tiek

I speak a little Lithuanian                 
aš šiek tiek kalbu lietuviškai

I speak only a little Lithuanian           
aš kalbu lietuviškai, tik šiek tiek

I speak German, a little                    
aš kalbu vokiškai – šiek tiek

I speak Japanese, only a little            
aš kalbu japoniškai, tik šiek tiek

I speak Russian, a little                     
aš kalbu rusiškai – šiek tiek

he speaks a little Dutch                     
jis šiek tiek kalba olandiškai

he speaks a little English                   
jis šiek tiek kalba angliškai

he speaks Lithuanian, a little              
jis kalba lietuviškai – šiek tiek

he speaks Swahili, a little                  
jis kalba svahiliškai – šiek tiek

I understand German, a little            
aš suprantu vokiškai – šiek tiek

I understand Spanish, a little            
aš suprantu ispaniškai – šiek tiek

I understand Indonesian, a little         
aš suprantu indoneziškai – šiek tiek

I understand Dutch, a little               
aš šiek tiek suprantu olandiškai

I understand a little French               
aš šiek tiek suprantu prancūziškai

I understand a little Chinese              
aš šiek tiek suprantu kiniškai

she understands Polish, only a little   
ji supranta lenkiškai, tik šiek tiek

she understands Russian, a little        
ji supranta rusiškai – šiek tiek

she understands Italian, only a little     
ji supranta itališkai, tik šiek tiek

she understands only a little Croatian   
ji tik šiek tiek supranta kroatiškai

I understand a little Portuguese          
aš šiek tiek suprantu portugališkai

one of my favorite phrases to say, even if it‘s not always true, is

I understand almost everything          
aš suprantu beveik viską

almost or nearly                               


I understand almost everything           
aš suprantu beveik viską

Šaunu!  Great!  You made it to the end of another episode!  Nuostabu!  Wonderful!

Alright!  That’s it for today!  Thanks for the download!  If you got anything out of this lesson please leave us a review on our iTunes page.
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Thanks for tuning in, tell your friends about us, we’ll see you on the next episode of Lithuanian Out Loud.
I’m Jack and I’ve never met a Lithuanian I didn’t like.  Viso gero!  Sudie!

House of Perkūnas
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